South Africans can now buy Epic Games Store titles using Rands

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In its continued rollout of local currency support, the latest Epic Games Store update means that South Africans can now buy titles on the digital storefront using Rands.

The new update arrived on 20 November, according to the Epic Games Store FAQ.

The storefront’s Twitter account also posted about the update.

And sure enough, if you head over to the store without a VPN, you’ll see the new prices.

Epic Games announced that the ZAR is now one of the 29 currencies supported by the store.

How the new update will affect games prices for South Africans on Epic Games remains to be seen. However, support for the Rand means that the cost of games won’t fluctuate daily.

Previously, games were priced in US dollars, meaning that prices changed with the exchange rate.

This could also mean that region-specific pricing for South Africa (and potential discounts) will be available in future. The store supports regional discounts based on suggestions from developers.

However, when comparing the dollar and rand prices for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, it looks like South Africans will have locked-in full pricing for games.

In dollars, AC Valhalla is $59.99. In ZAR, it’s R999.

Hopefully, South Africans will see the benefits of local pricing in future.

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