The best features of the MateBook X Pro [Sponsored]

huawei matebook x pro laptop

The MateBook X Pro is Huawei’s answer to consumers looking for a premium laptop that is lightweight, performs well, and has a great battery life.

Here is a look at the laptop’s best features and selling points…


The MateBook X Pro is ultralight and ultraportable. With a 13.9-inch display, the laptop is small and fits easily into laptop bags, backpacks and travel cases.

It measures just 30.4cm by 21.7cm, with a thickness of only 1.45cm. Meanwhile, its weight is only around 1.33kg.

With its USB-C charging cable and adaptor, this makes it laptop the perfect device for on-the-go productivity and comfortable portability.

MateBook X Pro fingerprint sensor

Like the MateBook D series, the MateBook X Pro also comes with a fingerprint sensor on the power button.

This is a useful tool that adds an extra layer of security and convenience to your device. Instead of requiring a PIN, you can use your fingerprint to log in instead.

Thanks to the fast processing power of the laptop, the fingerprint recognition of the X Pro is especially speedy and convenient.

Battery life

The MateBook X Pro comes with great battery life for media streaming, word processing, and other work.

It supports up to 13 hours of local video playback thanks to its 56 Wh battery capacity. But when it comes to general office software usage, you’ll get up to 15 hours.

The MateBook X Pro touchscreen display

If the 91% screen-to-body ratio of 3000 x 2000 pixel resolution wasn’t impressive enough, the Matebook X Pro’s display is also a multi-touch sensitive screen.

This means that you get great clarity and slim bezels, enhancing your viewing experience. But also the convenience of touchscreen input that is useful for scrolling and tapping on items on your screen.

This combination delivers a display that is great for viewing media content such as your favourite series, but also the productivity requirements of everyday work.

Feature image: Huawei

This article is sponsored by Huawei.




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