Nintendo Switch update lets you transfer screenshots to your phone or PC

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Attention all Nintendo Switch owners. The company had rolled out a system update for the console, bringing along a sweet new feature to make sharing screenshots easier.

The latest update includes a host of performance and feature updates to “improve the functionality of its systems and services” for a better, more user-friendly experience on console.

However, one of the biggest new features is the ability to transfer screenshots and captured videos to smartphones wirelessly.

You can also transfer screenshots and video using a USB cable connected to a PC.

Here’s what to know about each feature and how to use them…

How to transfer screenshots from Nintendo Switch to smartphone

By accessing the captured content from the Album on the Switch, users can transfer up to 10 screenshots and one video in a single transfer.

To make the transfer from your Switch to your smartphone:

  • On the Home menu, select Album.
  • Choose a screenshot or video.
  • Select Sharing and Editing.
  • Choose “Send to Smartphone” from the options.
  • Select “Only This One” to send a single file or “Send a batch” to send multiple files.

You will need to scan a QR code on the screen of the Switch to connect the devices and start the transfer process.

Transfer screenshots from a Switch to PC

In addition to being able to transfer captured content, users can also use the “Copy to a Computer via USB Connection” feature.

This gives users another avenue to transfer their screenshots and videos.

By using a USB cable to connect the Switch to your Windows or MTP-supported computer or laptop, you can transfer your content from your Switch.

  • To enable data transfer to a PC via USB, head to your Settings, and select Data Management.
  • Under Data Management, find “Manage Screenshots and Videos”
  • Select Copy to a Computer via USB Connection.

Then, using the supported USB cable, connect your Switch to your computer and select the media you want to transfer.

Users can also use a microSD card for data transfers if you are unable to make use of this feature.

For the full report on the latest Nintendo Switch update, you can visit the official post available on the Nintendo Support page.

Feature image: Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash 

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