Lenovo announces augmented reality smart glasses

ThinkReality A3 smart glasses

Lenovo has introduced the new ThinkReality A3 smart glasses at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2021 — a wearable aimed at business and industrial users.

The glasses enable 3D visualization and augmented reality (AR) work and training. Meanwhile, they offer the ability to create customised virtual monitors.

The glasses connect to a PC or certain Motorola smartphones using a USB-C cable.

“Immersive but not isolating, the AR smart glasses are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 Platform for high-quality performance and feature stereoscopic 1080p displays presenting the user with up to five virtual displays,” Lenovo said in press release.

The smart glasses even feature an 8MP RGB camera and dual fish-eye lenses.

Part of their use-case lies in remote-work scenarios, especially since they can work with laptops and Motorola phones.

“Whether working in virtual spaces or supporting remote assistance, the ThinkReality A3 enhances workers’ abilities to do more wherever they are,” said Jon Pershke, Lenovo Vice President of Strategy and Emerging Business, Intelligent Device Group.

They fit like a pair of sunglasses, rather than a bulkier AR or VR headset.

When will Lenovo’s smart glasses go to market?

The glasses aren’t just a concept for show at CES — they will launch this year. However, they will only launch available in select markets.

According to the company, the Lenovo ThinkReality A3 smart glasses will become available mid-2021.

Feature image: Lenovo

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