Epic Games introduces Store wallet payment option

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Epic Games has rolled out a new wallet feature on its Store that lets gamers add and keep funds to buy games, apps, and in-game purchases.

The feature, similar to those on Steam and the Nintendo Online Store, is now available to account holders in the US and Canada.

“The Epic Games wallet offers an option for players to load money directly into their Epic Games account, allowing for quick and easy payments via the launcher or web store when logged in,” Epic Games said in a statement.

How to use the wallet on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store users can find the wallet feature in their account management settings.

The wallet will also be visible in the checkout window when purchasing a game or app.

A user can add funds to their wallet in the checkout window or the payment methods window in their account settings.

They can add up to $500 (R7 166) if they have secured their account with two-factor authentication (2FA). If their account isn’t secured with 2FA, they can only add up to $150 (R2 150).

Like Steam, users can only choose to deposit preset amounts into their wallets. They can also only deposit funds that match their account’s supported currency.

Users cannot refund amounts added to their wallets, but they can request refunds for game and app purchases that used wallet funds and have the amount deposited back into them.

Epic Games said it would support the feature elsewhere in the future, but there were no set dates to expand it to other currencies and countries.

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Sam Spiller, Staff Writer


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