Airofit Pro breathing training device keeps you a breath above the rest

Supercharge those lungs is probably a foreign concept.

To charge lungs seems impractical, but the Airofit breathing trainer does just that and more.

It’s a meticulously crafted breathing apparatus that provides adjustable airflow resistance in order to better your breathing muscles.


To Strengthen your respiratory muscles for better overall health.

If you’re into fitness and all-around wellness, you know that consistent self-improvement is key to overall wellness.

This device is designed to ensure consistent micro shifts in the right direction, and take it from us, it’s the perfect secret weapon for respiratory mastery.

Airofit trainer

The Airofit Pro system comes with an Airofit interactive mobile app compatible with both iOS and android devices, an Airofit breathing trainer and virtual breathing coach in the interactive app.

The Airofit trainer is a trainer simply because of it’s core function.

It’s designed to measure your breathing volumes and strength and send data to the app which serves as a virtual breathing coach on your phone.

The device including it’s app allows users to train and increase lung capacity, to improve overall breathing.

The virtual coach provides real time feedback while tracking your progression to various exercises.

How does it work?

Place the AiroFit system in your mouth. The devices comes with adjustable airflow resistance on two ends.

Simply download the virtual breathing coach compatible on both iOS and Android, connect the system to your phone and you’re set.

You will most likely take an initial quick set up breathing run to measure your current capacity.

That test will be logged by your virtual coach in the app and you’re set.

Why Airofit?

Self improvement.

To train your lungs. No one thinks of improving or strengthening your lungs to better your overall health.

Just like any other muscle group, your breathing muscles respond to resistance training.

Why not?

The system comes fully functional with no added hassle to connect it or unscrew/screw on certain compartments.

We like it for it’s portable size, compact enough to fit in any travel bag for those hectic travel and active schedules.

It’s easy to use, with simple practical functionality.

The goal is respiratory efficiency. Respiratory efficiency is increasing the amount of oxygen inhaled in a given period, and this ultimately decreases fatigue.

You should have a more oxygen allowing you to perform at optimal intensities for longer.

How long is a training session with the system?

Fitting the device in your mouth for around 5 -10 minutes daily should be enough to engage you on your journey to respiratory mastery.

Pros and Cons

We loved the the rich contrast in red and black colours and the size of the Airofit Pro. We’re still looking for cons.


The price at R 4 995 is a bit daunting but it seems those that want a better quality of life are slowly understanding the price that comes with it.

The device is a Danish device.  There are two versions, the Airofit Pro and active versions.  The difference is the Pro comes with a connection feature to your smartphone.

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Feature image: Airofit



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