Two consistent phones in 2022, Galaxy S22, and iPhone 14

The Samsung S22 ultra and iPhone 14 are some of this year’s most scintillating phones, not to mention the crowd favorites.

We’ve had a look at them and we can pretty much tell you why this pair, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the iPhone 14 are the most consistent thus far.

samsung galaxy s22 series

The Galaxy S22 comes in a professional finish, with a large display destined for the more driven and goal orientated individual.

With polished aesthetic, the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks and feels slightly different from the rest of the S22 range, well that’s according to one of our talented colleagues Megan.

Curved edges, an S Pen, a minimalist approach, the phone has outstanding video editing and gaming prowess with responsive software and minimal lagging in between apps.

Apps running in the background are seamlessly attended to as the Ultra delivers exceptionally well on performance.

We think this release from Samsung gets a nod from us since there were little to know complaints from some of our colleagues.

iPhone 14

Hot of the shelf on September 7, 2022, the iPhone 14 Pro definitely came of the runway sizzling hot.

It was attractive with elegant colour names like blue, midnight, purple and starlight.

This year’s model’s gets a shiny glass back on the phone with the sides in matt aluminum.

With upgraded cameras, always on display, iOS 16 and a quick processor, this introduction into the market comes with crash detection including a satellite Emergency SOS feature.

While the crash detection feature may have caused controversy due to users reported to be in a crash while only in a roller coaster, we give the phone a thumbs up for the innovation.

The emergency SOS feature is our favorite.

The iPhone 14 allows users to send a message for help even in places where there is no cell reception.

The phone has been wired to signal a satellite in order to send a message to a recipient and law enforcement.

A big leap for the latest in iPhone handsets, and a massive step in the right direction from our desk.

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