Anker PowerHouse 521, a reliable backup solution

Load shedding has become a notorious name synonymous with frustration and rolling blackouts.

This has prompted a new market in the form of reliable power solutions – and this power solution reliable enough to last over five years, has answered the call.

Think silent, reliable, and long-lasting technology with a five-year warranty with a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery which offers six times more use than a conventional battery.

The Anker PowerHouse 521 is earmarked to become a hero during some of the coldest months of Winter the country has faced due to the recurring number of power outages.

The silent assassin

The Anker PowerHouse 521, a reliable backup solution on paper, weighing only 3.7 kilograms (8.2 pounds) had us intrigued when we unboxed it, considering its compact size and easy-to-carry handle when considering its competition in the market.

The Anker PowerHouse 521 comes with five outlets, a USC-C port, two AC outlets, USB-A ports and a car socket for those camping nights out.

What’s interesting?

We noticed its charging speed.

Its Lithium Iron Phosphate battery translates to a longer-lasting power solution during power outages. A power saving mode on the Anker PowerHouse 521 is a witty addition as it allows the intelligent little powerhouse to automatically cut off power to a device that’s fully charged, enabling the powerhouse to store power, while extending its usage time ensuring that family game nights, dinners cooked on electric stoves, or studying during the evening can continue uninterrupted even during prolonged power outages.

While its competitors offer a limited number of years of a guarantee on durability, this Anker 521 PowerHouse is all about durability as Anker says their devices come with a 10-year lifespan, crafted using durable material.

The Anker PowerHouse is exceptional in providing peace of mind, though we did notice an EU-style two-pin plug slot and questioned if the device was crafted for the South African market, considering its slogan on the box, America’s leading charging brand.

For some of us with three-pin plugs for our laptops, a simple solution was to get an adapter to accommodate three-pin plugs while using the power supply.

The EU two-pin plug dilemma was easily overlooked once you switched on the Anker PowerHouse 521.

It’s silent when turned on and delivers the necessary charging speeds for cell phones, laptops, power banks, and even emergency lights, while it also carries its own light bar. In fact, it has the ability to charge a camera 15 times, a laptop four times, and a smartphone 20 times, ensuring that your devices are always ready to use, even in the middle of a power outage.

It’s definitely designed with travel in mind as it solidly places in the boot or back seat of a car with little to no wobble unstrapped.

While we do not recommend driving around with the power supply unstrapped it was reassuring to note the considerable amount of thought that went into the design.

Compelling craftsmanship had us convinced but would it stand the tests?

The first test was keeping the lights on.  Attaching a series of devices in one go, a cell phone, a power bank, and a lightbulb during a power outage was answered by the Anker PowerHouse 521 which comes with 256Wh at 90W max output which translates to 398W.

A power station that can withstand drops and general wear and tear, the Anker PowerHouse 521 definitely brings peace of mind including convenience to the user.

We appreciated the SOS mode when you hold down the button for two seconds, the USB-C ports, the car charge outlet, the smart temperature control system that monitors temperature up to 100 times per second, and the over-a-decade guarantee from the brand which makes the portable power system ideal for those necessary camping getaways.

Facing the prospect of up to 12-16 hours of daily blackouts, the Anker PowerHouse 521 is not merely a portable power station; it’s an essential tool safeguarding your home’s warmth and normality.

Its high capacity, energy-efficient, and durable design, along with its ease of use, make it an undeniable ally against the load-shedding challenge. The Anker PowerHouse 521 is your home’s trusted partner in keeping life’s precious moments shining bright.


The Anker 521 retails between R5 999 and R 6 499 on Takealot and competes with the likes of the GiZZU 242Wh portable power supply, the Jackery Explorer 250 power station, and the Ecolflow River Pro.

In the box

  • You get the Anker 256Wh portable power station
  • Ports: 1 AC port, 2 USB-A ports, and a USB-C port.
  • Car charging cable
  • DC adapter
  • Five-year warranty

The Anker Powerhouse 521 may be entry-level perfect for small to medium devices, but a 50,000-hour life expectancy, is definitely a strong key selling point.

Another interesting key device from Anker seems to be the incoming Anker 757 which is set to revolutionize the portable generator market.

The incoming device unlike other power stations will charge from 0 to 80 percent in just an hour due to what is known as hyperFlash technology.

“Beyond offering dependable power backup, the Anker PowerHouse solutions also take into account the need for affordability, says Grant Norton, CEO of Premium Brand Distributors.

“Despite advanced features and long-term reliability, the PowerHouse range offers excellent value for money, making it a practical choice for South African customers facing regular power shortages.”

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