EcoFlow River 2, twice the power

Eco-friendly energy solutions provider EcoFlow introduces what they deem as their entry-level energy solution for load shedding, here’s what we picked up.

The EcoFlow River 2 is entry-level and comfortably charges your smartphone about 19 times per cycle.

The EcoFlow River 2 also powers a 10w lightbulb for 8 to 20 hours, making this easy-to-carry companion a reliable solution for cold Winter days.

What do you really get?

Since it’s entry level you get 256Wh at a rated output of 300W. That should get your attention.

What we like about the EcoFlow power solutions is their ability to pair when you possibly upgrade to an even higher-performing option.

Say you get the 256Wh EcoFlow River 2 only to accommodate your light power-consuming devices and later on a more solid budget opt for the Delta 2.

EcoFlow says: If you want to make it through multiple four-and-a-half-hour blocks, you will need the flagship Delta 2. With an expandable capacity from 1 to 3kWh and 1800W rated output (X-boost 2400W), the Delta 2 can run a 120W electric blanket for 7-14 hours, giving you overnight warmth.

The brand has built its devices to accommodate other devices. You literally can stack them next to each other if not on top, connect and you have more power, which we think is just sparkling.

The US-based power supplier seems trusted among buyers some buyers, but we’re not convinced.

Stream technology

The EcoFlow River 2 and River 2 max take 60 minutes to get fully powered for another hour of load shedding which we think is their strongest selling point.

The portable power supply is equipped with multiple ports to power different appliances including devices.

The EcoFlow River 2 can power up to five devices such as your WiFi router, TV, gaming console and cellphones.

EcoFlow does come with an option for solar charging, which obviously takes longer for a full battery charge.

It does bring some comfort to know that a wall socket charge is accelerated to help combat those unannounced bouts of no power.

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