Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review, the next chapter, a shift into Galaxy AI

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Image Marcus Moloko

Enter a new era, is exactly how to describe functionality on the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra released not only to show off improved features but to flaunt the first generation of Galaxy AI.

South Korean electronics giant Samsung unveiled a new era this year when it unveiled a series of smartphones in the form of the Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and the Galaxy S24.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Image Marcus Moloko

It was interesting to note how Samsung altered its recipe for a launch to introduce a new era of Galaxy AI as its selling point. Receiving the S24 Ultra we had to adapt how we would look at this innovative step forward for a device that looks more rigid than its predecessor.

When it comes to design, Samsung has maintained a “we consider the planet and our goal is net zero” approach.

This means the brand’s investments in product development takes priority which translates to the company investing more in technological innovation to support competitive advantage of its products rather than focusing on a device with a different facelift.


We spot a recipe that we’ve seen before on the rectangular shape of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, something we’ve seen before on the design of the Galaxy S23 and the S23 Ultra. Neither of the S series smartphones are small, which has been one of Samsungs go-to design features to bring in a more immersive display.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra measured 78.1 x 163.4 x 8.9mm with a weight of 234 grams, while the Galaxy S22 measured 77.9×163.3×8.9mm with a weight of 229 grams.

The S24 Ultra features dimensions of 1.440×3.120 versus the 1440×3.088 on the S23 Ultra. There are definitely similarities between the predecessor and successor, but we spot Titanium and a more flatter, less curved Galaxy S24 Ultra compared to the S23.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Image Marcus Moloko

Samsung added a durable shield of titanium built into the frame, which contributes to the durability of the device.

It’s little upticks such as Corning Gorilla Armor which protects the screen from picking up those key scratches, an IP68 water and dust resistant addition, and colors with the name Titanium added to them that sell off this latest S24 ultra.


The S24 Ultra comes in the colours Titanium Grey, Titanium Black, Titanium Violet, and Titanium Yellow.

We got a chance to look at the Titanium grey Galaxy S24, and on looks alone it’s something we’ve seen before.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Image Marcus Moloko

So what’s special about the Galaxy S24?

Samsung unveiled a bar raising Samsung Galaxy AI-packed device which makes predecessors a little behind, well until Samsung introduced a plan to accommodate previous models with the addition of the One UI 6.1 update to accommodate previous Samsung versions.

That’s what’s special. The latest Galaxy S24 Galaxy AI software elevates the standard usage of mobile AI experience as we see the addition of on-device and cloud-based AI.

The brand has solidified its investment into AI and the S24 series is the perfect case study to show this off.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is an example from Samsung that lets users take advantage of Galaxy AI features such as the ability to translate messages in 13 different languages using Chat Assist, Live Translate, which delivers text and voiced translations, Interpreter which generates text translations for live conversations and a crowd favourite the Circle to Search feature with Google, which generates intuitive search results with a swift circle motioned gesture.

This is what Samsung sold at their launch and it makes solid sense.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Image Marcus Moloko

Specs are important for anyone looking for an effective mobile device and Samsung appears to have delivered convenience through an array of features which include Browsing Assist, which enables users to stay up to speed with the news, and Transcript Assist feature which helps users transcribe meeting recordings into palatable summaries.

These all contribute to innovative ways that Samsung wants users to experience mobile AI and mark an interesting way of bringing AI to the fore.

Its Samsungs quest to unlock user potential that comes across on the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the suite of Galaxy AI tools encourage creative freedom.

The Generative Edit feature which allows users to resize, reposition, realign objects in photos, and polish images at a faster rate makes sense.


We spot above-average graphics in the form of a wider Telephoto OIS, instant slow-mo for videos, and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processing chipset. An interesting 2600 nits display caters to a compelling brightness especially when using the Galaxy S24 Ultra in hot weather while mountain biking. It’s not a massive jump on nits as the S23 came with 1 750 which isn’t visible much to the naked eye.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Image Marcus Moloko

The S24 Ultra comes with a 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED display at a 19.5:9 aspect ratio.


Stream content longer with over 30 hours of video playback thanks to the S24 Ulta’s 5000 mAh battery. On paper, Samsung says there’s about 95 hours of music playback but we spotted how much juice AI features including some multitasking consumes battery life.


The Galaxy S24 Ultra has a Quad Tele camera system, with a 50MP camera coupled with a 5x optical zoom. Nightography has been factored meaning better night shots under low light. There’s an upgraded periscope lens for a 50 MP f/3.4 compared to the previous 10MP f4.9.

A 200MP camera helps to shoot 4K videos at 120 frames per second (fps) while an ultra-wide angle 12 MP alongside a 10 MP and 50 MP telephoto ability assists with those steady slow-motion videos including 5x optical zoom.

There are different options available the 256GB, 12 GB RAM, 512GB, 12GB RAM and the 1TB, 12GB RAM available on the market, on an Android 14, One UI 6.1 software.

The selfie camera comes in at 12 MP with a f/2.2 aperture speed.

Other features include an in-display fingerprint reader, compelling speakers, a stylus pen which makes most AI features a pleasure, and the option for an eSIM which is appreciated.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Image Marcus Moloko


The Galaxy S24 features a titanium frame, AI innovation, higher resolution in zoomed images, and corning Gorilla armor. It makes a solid statement considering the brand focused more on Samsungs solid direction into AI.

Galaxy AI makes sense, and the latest One UI 6.1 update would make the S24 series special if other previous models did not get access to it.

The device alone is not that different from its predecessor, but factoring in AI innovation, this is the device for the user who understands how to use all AI features and not the individual who merely wants an upgrade.

To use Galaxy AI features makes life a little simpler and editing a breeze, which made the Galaxy 24 Ultra a convincing upgrade. If the user is not AI savvy we think the Galaxy S22 or S23 may be a better option when looking at pricing.

For those of us on the technological edge, having access to Galaxy AI features on the S24 Ultra made life a little simpler which meant letting go of the Galaxy S24 Ultra after review left a little sour aftertaste in our mouths.

A compelling device, thanks to the addition of Galaxy AI.

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