This Google Glass app wakes up snoozing drivers


This is definitely one of the better uses of Google Glass we’ve seen so far. It’s called DriveSafe and it’s designed to help prevent drivers from falling asleep at the wheel.

Currently in Alpha phase, the app stays activates when you say “OK Glass, Keep me awake.” From there, it stays blank while you’re awake to give you an unencumbered view of the road. Once it detects you’re dozing off though, using Glass’ infrared and tilt sensors, it’ll give you an audio alert and ask if you want to be directed to the nearest rest stop.

If you choose to do so, a map will appear on your Glass screen and, theoretically, you should be taken somewhere safe to shake off the cobwebs.

The app is interesting, because it could accomplish, fairly simply, what a lot of car makers have been working on for a good few years now.

That’s potentially very good news for any Google Glass owners who drive older or less expensive cars. Admittedly that’s a very small group right now, but as Glass becomes more ubiquitous then it could become a more viable safety feature.

At the moment, DriveSafe isn’t available on the MyGlass control app so explorers will have to sideload it.



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