Red Bull’s drivers take you inside their cars to explain the new F1 rules

Daniel Red Bull F1

If you’ve been watching Formula 1 for more than five minutes, you know one thing for certain: nothing stays the same. Well, for long anyway.

Yep, the FIA has altered the rules governing the sport yet again, this time making a controversial set of changes to everything from how much fuel the cars can carry to the shape of the nose cone.

While you could watch the official boring enlightening video, it’s much more fun to watch with serious computer graphics thanks to the team over at Red Bull Racing. They’ve put together a super slick video to demonstrate how the new regulations will influence the appearance and the internal working of the cars, complete with an explanation by new driver Daniel Ricciardo and, of course, world champion Sebastian Vettel.

From Ricciardo’s moment on the track surrounded by the creeping components of his car to a simulated duel between the team mates, the video gives a clear and understandable glimpse into how many changes we’ll see once the 2014 season kicks off in Australia this weekend. They include a 30% reduction in the amount of fuel available and a limit on the number of engines the team can use throughout the year, as well as a shift from V8 to V6 turbo engines and an added eighth gear.

If you’ve always wondered exactly how an F1 car fits together, Red Bull also included pretty detailed transparent models that show off the guts of its beautiful new car. Unfortunately, the reigning champion himself doesn’t actually appear in the video — just his voice. Sorry, Seb fans.



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