Meet the Citroen CX-R concept


If there’s been one identifiable trend at this year’s Beijing Auto Show it’s that crossovers are really in right now, or at least that car makers think they are.

Citroen, it appears, is no exception to this line of thought. That much was apparent after it chose to give its CX-R concept a late unveiling at the show.

Developed in a joint venture between Citoren and the Dongfeng Motor Group, the CX-R is aimed squarely at the Chinese market and features a pretty decent amount of tech. Among the features included in the CX-R is a system which manages the amount of grip in the car’s wheels, something it says alleviates the necessity for a dedicated four-wheel drive system.

That in turn means a lower environmental impact, something which could become vital in a country with cities as plagued by pollution as China’s. Just don’t expect it to work particularly well on anything more challenging than a grassy field.

The powertrain, which combines a THP 160 petrol engine (with an automatic stop and start system) and an automatic gearbox, is also designed to save on fuel.

It’s unclear whether or not the CX-R will actually go into production but, as far as we can see, there’s nothing stopping it from doing so.



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