Is the new Volvo V60 spot the weirdest car ad ever made?

Lolvo V60

Lolvo V60

There are a couple of strategies you can take if you’re going to make a car advert: seeping shots of the car in a dramatic vista is one option, light-hearted whimsy surrounding kids and/or animals is another. If you’re the person behind the latest spot for the Volvo V60 though, you apparently completely ignore those options and then make an ad based on your flu-induced fever dreams.

The two-minute video is apparently meant to be focused on design, but you’ll probably spend more time thinking about the nonsensical narrator, the cat decals covering the windows and whether the guy driving the car in the video is completely naked or just topless.

We’re not exactly what the point of the ad is, or whether it even qualifies as an ad. With lines like, “In accordance with Volvo tradition… the car… is… of course… furnished, with an inside,” we kind of have to wonder whether it’s actually a piece of avant-garde piece of corporate art.

Still, if you feel like your day’s been a little too normal, we highly advise giving it a watch.

Via: Autoblog.



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