Porsche developing a flat-eight, quad-turbo engine for 988 sports car [rumour]


According to the UK’s Autocar, Stuttgart-based Porsche is set to launch a slew of new models that include beefier engines, updated suspension geometry and 918-esque styling.

The four-car party includes the “988” — which will slot above the 911 — that will likely look much like the marque’s beautiful 918 hybrid supercar. That’s where similarities to current Porsches end though.

The 988 will allegedly flaunt a flat-eight boxer engine, featuring no less than four turbochargers and a Ferrari-troubling 600-horsepower. It is a perculiar layout only seen on racing cars, but the current range of six-cylinder engines are nearing the end of their development cycles.

Porsche will keep the flat six cylinder layout, but also add a four cylinder variant, possibly as small as 1.6-litres, for lesser models. Turbochargers may also make an appearance too, alongside some probable hybrid-based “fuel-saving tech.” We wonder if Porsche may finally filter it’s race-worthy hybrid-engine technology down to its roadgoing models.

Autocar also suggests that the company will re-evaluate its entire sports car formula, going for new front-driven hybrid drive in two cases and all-wheel drive in one, shared carbon fibre structures between certain models and a new set of rear ends. Keeping to its roots, future vehicles will retain their mid- and rear-engined layouts.

The 600-horsepower supercar is expected to make an appearance by 2017, while other models, including the Cayman, the Boxster and the 911, should receive refreshed chassis and engines soon after. But this rumour should be taken lightly, as Porsche has yet to confirm any of the claims made. It should also be noted that this tidbit has been floating around the internet since 2011.

Images: Autocar

Andy Walker, former editor


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