Brabus brings business class to the road with lavishly-licked V-Class

brabus business lounge

Brabus, the renowned tuner of all things Mercedes, has unveiled at the Moscow Motor Show the most stylish, lavish and certainly absurd mommy van in the history of mommy vans. But the company is not aiming it at soccer moms carting their mud-covered kids to and from the field. Instead, the Business Lounge is strictly for the VIP of discerning taste.

Starting life as a long wheelbase, high-roof Mercedes V-Class (Sprinter) MPV, the Business Lounge has been transformed completely from a utility vehicle into to an airport luxury lounge fit for six. Let’s just say, Brabus has made Xzibit proud.

Those looking for an exterior to match the stately interior will be more interested in a Bentley or one of Mercedes’ own luxury car classes — the S-Class, Maybach or Pullman. The Business Lounge, however, isn’t built for pleasing onlookers however.

Inside the luxury bus, occupants are slathered in tech, from the 2700 LED lighting system (complete with mood settings), to the multiple screen system — a 42″ built into the bodywork and 10″ screens built into each centre console.

In addition to the sparkly electronics, the seats are fully recinable and feature massage, heating and memory functions. Oh, and have I failed to mention the 8 USB 3.0 ports, three 220-volt outlets, mini-fridge and coffee maker accompanying the passengers? Luxury.

And if that doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, there’s a PlayStation 4 built in, a 1200-watt Dolby surround sound system and a surround view camera, to enjoy the sights and sounds of the less fortunate traffic surrounding you.

Brabus being Brabus also fitted the V-Class with 18″ tyres and a snazzy body kit, fit with twin exhaust pipes and massive fender flares. We’re not sure of the engine though, but we wouldn’t be surprised to find a twin-turbo V12 under the bonnet.

There’s no word on pricing as yet, but it should probably cost as much as an airport lounge. Have a look at the video below for more intimate details.

Image: WorldCarFans

Andy Walker, former editor


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