The world’s fastest golf cart is a lesson in crazy electric engineering [video]

We’ve seen many strange people do many a strange thing on the internet, but this has got to be one of the most ludicrous things we’ve ever seen. And not in a fainting goat kind of way either.

Golf carts aren’t meant for speed, but that doesn’t stop people from trying.

Plum Quick Racing is perhaps the most aptly named company to attempt the golf cart world speed record, because if anything, you need some serious plums to do what these guys do.

The company actually offers high-performance electric motors for golf carts and it has clearly dropped one of them with mountains of torque into this particular example.

And unlike lazy petrol engines, electric motors have instantaneous torque delivery, which means near-immediate acceleration perfect for flinging a lightweight golf cart through the bowels of warp speed.

Why the world needs a company like this, we’ll never know. But golf is a relatively yawn-inducing sport, so what the hell, hey?

With their own world record standing at 166km/h, watch what happens when Plum employees try to best their record at Darlington’s famous strip.

Andy Walker, former editor


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