BMW’s new 7-series boasts remote parking assist, gesture control

Not everyone will care about BMW’s new 7-series, but this car is introducing some landmark technology to the motoring world.

Teased as only BMW can in a promotional video, the company lauded its two new technologies being introduced to the car. These are a remote parking assist using the 7-series’ LCD-equipped key, and the in-car gesture control.

Both of these are pretty damn awesome, with the parking assist technology active without the driver actually needing to be in the car itself. It’s perhaps daunting for someone with a massively expensive car, but hell, it’s cool.

Gesture control also allows the driver to navigate the car’s settings and touchscreen using gestures instead of actual physical buttons. It’s extremely nifty, and could come in useful for when the driver is rather preoccupied.

Last, and perhaps not least, is the carbon fibre shell BMW is so excited about. It’s not new — BMW has been using carbon fibre for a while now — but it is worth a mention considering that this is a 7-series. While providing a tauter chassis, the carbon fibre also makes the car lighter and, more importantly, sportier.

You can have a look at all of the advancements made in BMW’s 7-series preview below.

Andy Walker
Posted in BMW


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