How long until traffic light changes? Audi cars know


It sounds rather crazy, but Audi cars will soon be able to tell you how long until a traffic light changes.

The innovation comes via the Traffic Light Information system, which effectively creates a connection between supported traffic lights and selected Audi models.

Las Vegas is the first city to implement the technology across its traffic lights, having launched this month, the automaker confirmed in a press statement.

“When approaching a connected traffic light, Traffic Light Information displays the time remaining until the signal changes to green in the driver instrument cluster, as well as the head-up-display (if equipped),” Audi wrote.

“Providing the driver with this additional information helps reduce stress and allows the driver to relax knowing approximately how much time remains before the changing of the light.”

The Audi technology means that you don’t have to glance at the opposite traffic light anymore

The German marque notes that, in the future, the information could also be used for start/stop times for engines and navigation. In fact, Audi moots a future predictive service “such as presenting the driver with a speed recommendation designed to maximise the number of green lights one can make in sequence”.

Traffic Light Information support is available on selected Audi A4, Q7 and A4 allroad vehicles manufactured after 1 June 2016. You will however need a subscription to the Audi Select Prime service to take advantage of the new feature.

There’s no word on the next US city to launch the technology, but Audi said it was working with municipalities to prepare their cities for the technology.

Will the technology remain an Audi exclusive though? The automaker says that the tech will “enrich the experience for Audi owners first, then ultimately for all drivers as other manufacturers begin to integrate this technology into their vehicles”.



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