Shenxing battery is CATL’s latest EV breakthrough

CATL has revealed a new advanced EV battery, capable of remarkable recharging speeds.

The Chinese company commands unprecedented scale and technology leverage in the high-density battery market. It is a supplier of choice for many EV models and brands, including Tesla.

CATL is the benchmark for global battery development, leading the adoption trends and standardization for most chemistries.

The latest battery technology from CATL is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery called the Shenxing. Although exact energy density and modularity have not been detailed, the Shenxing is confirmed to start production in late 2024. Its form factor is designed to fit nearly every possible EV platform.

What can the Shenxing do?

Headline numbers are impressive, with CATL claiming a 700km driving range for EVs powered by the Shenxing, without the caveat of detailing their exact weight or vehicle size.

A thinner separator is key to the new battery’s performance, allowing for better ion migration. At the same time, engineers and chemists at CATL have developed an enhanced graphite anode for the Shenxing, too.

Recharging speeds continue to be a crucial consumer issue for EV buyers. The inconvenience of waiting half an hour to recharge for usable range is simply too long – especially when EVs travel beyond urban areas. The Shenxing battery is designed to deliver 80% recharging in only ten minutes, giving drivers 400km of range.

With legacy car companies and EV disruptors seeking the best possible batteries, the latest technical breakthrough from CATL will be heavily in-demand. But who will benefit from it, first? CATL has confirmed that Avatr will be the launch customer for its Shenxing battery technology.

If you are unfamiliar with Avatr, it’s a joint venture EV project with CATL, Changan and Huawei. In a market where battery development is the differentiator, CATL’s Shenxing, combined with proven Huawei software and cabin UX, could make Avatr’s products unrivalled.

Lance Branquinho


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