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All posts tagged "Google Now"

  • 11 Google Now voice commands worth remembering

    Voice assistants are all the rage now but, alongside Siri, Google Now has played a major role in the current trend of smart, voice-enabled apps. There are loads of commands, queries and questions you can pose Google's effort, but which ones are worth noting? We already know commands like texting/calling contacts, weather forecasts and trivia answers, but here are some more interesting ones. Find sports scores Google doesn't care about the sports I like (MMA, Formula 1), but did you know you can ask it about scores/results for more traditional fare? "Who won Euro 2016?" or "what's the score between England and Pakistan?" will serve up...

  • Microsoft’s Cortana now available on Android in public beta

    First announced in May this year, Microsoft has finally launched Cortana for Android devices in public beta. Some of the digital assistant's features include searching the web by voice command, setting reminders and alarms, making calls by voice and voice texting. Similar to Apple's Siri and Google Now, Cortana also gets to know the user over time by keeping track of their interests and providing them with relevant content. Read more: Microsoft’s Cortana whips Apple’s Siri in this new Windows Phone ad Microsoft says that since it launched the closed beta, it has made several improvements. Some of these include the ability to...

  • Google Now lets you dictate WhatsApp, WeChat messages on the go

    Google has introduced an new feature to Google Now that makes it easier to send an instant message without actually having to type them on your mobile. Since released in 2012, the intelligent mobile assistant has been excellent at aggregating relevant content. Though it has been lacking in other areas. Sending quick emails, using Hangouts or text messages have not been very intuitive nor user friendly. The latest update of the Siri and Cortana contender allows users to dictate and send messages through multiple third party messaging apps. For now these include WhatsApp, Viber, NextPlus, Telegram and WeChat. Read more: Google revamps...

  • 7 Awesome Google Now Easter Eggs: ‘Okay Google’ [Video]

    Welcome to the third episode of our new YouTube show MemeTV -- a weekly show where we'll share social media, online marketing and tech tips, how-to's and anything that we think will bring value to you, our readers. Google Now is proving a worthy rival to Apple's Siri, but did you know that hidden inside of the voice-activated app are a bunch of easter eggs? In this video we share our favourite seven, so if you're a fan of Star Trek, Doctor Who, or just like having fun on your mobile phone, this video is for you. MemeTV is a...

  • Google shows off Google Now during Grammys, Nexus 4 gets a mention

    The smartphone personal assistant war is heating up, with Google Now for Android taking Siri for iOS head-on. During the Grammy awards on Sunday, Google aired an advertisement for Google Now on the Nexus 4, focusing particularly on the application. Google Now has been rated highly by pundits, and has received praise with Popular Science naming it the "Innovation of the Year" for 2012. We could see this as the first case of an app selling a smartphone, not a smartphone selling itself with amazing specifications and pixels. Smartphones are becoming increasingly similar in performance across the board and...

  • Google Now gets Popular Science’s Innovation of the Year

    Google Now has won Popular Science's Innovation of the Year, putting it in the company of past winners such as the Large Hadron Collider, the Toyota Prius and the Mars Curiosity Rover. In giving the award, the magazine calls Now "the first virtual assistant that truly anticipates your needs". Since its initial launch with Android Jelly Bean, the virtual search assistant has grown up a little bit. Now incorporates elements of Knowledge Graph, but also acts as a personal assistant. It tells you the day’s weather, how much traffic to expect on your way to work, and can give you...