Google Now lets you dictate WhatsApp, WeChat messages on the go

Google has introduced an new feature to Google Now that makes it easier to send an instant message without actually having to type them on your mobile.

Since released in 2012, the intelligent mobile assistant has been excellent at aggregating relevant content. Though it has been lacking in other areas. Sending quick emails, using Hangouts or text messages have not been very intuitive nor user friendly.

The latest update of the Siri and Cortana contender allows users to dictate and send messages through multiple third party messaging apps. For now these include WhatsApp, Viber, NextPlus, Telegram and WeChat.

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“Starting today, you can send messages using some of your favorite messaging apps on your Android by simply talking to Google, just like you can already do to send quick emails, Hangouts or text messages,” writes product manager Sunil Vemuri.

To send a message simply give the command: “Okay Google, send a WhatsApp message to David”. After this, you’ll be prompted to compose the message.

Google Now

Google says that this can also be done in one step. So you can prompt Google Now like this: “Ok Google, send a Viber message to Josh: let’s do dinner tomorrow night.”

You can also send voice messages via WeChat, Telegram and NextPlus. This new feature is only available in English (not just US), however, but Google says it’s working on adding more apps and languages in the near future.

For the feature to work, Google Now and third party apps need to be updated.



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