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All posts tagged "networks"

  • me&you mobile: SIM-only contracts are the future [SPONSORED]

    Selling SIM cards isn't a new, brave business venture. Hell, your local corner shop probably sells spade-loads of them, and perhaps even allows you to RICA them as well. But moving this business entirely online is an interesting step that me&you mobile has undertaken. The company, now just over a year old, believes that SIM-only contracts are the future for consumers. But how exactly does me&you describe itself? "me&you mobile is a month-to-month, SIM-only mobile network offering the lowest call rates on the market," company brand manager Dean Ormsby explains. Currently servicing around 15 000 customers, me&you buys voice and data from...

  • Nokia study reveals reasons why consumers switch mobile networks

    A new study by Nokia has revealed the main reasons for people choosing their current mobile network. Of course, price was the number one reason, but there are a number of interesting trends nonetheless. Nokia's 2016 Acquisition and Retention Study polled over 20 000 users in 14 countries (including South Africa), covering both "mature" and "transition" markets. Why are people on their current network? The study unsurprisingly found pricing to be the main factor, with 45% of users choosing this as the number one reason for joining their carrier. It was a tight race for second place, as best network coverage/quality (26%), best geographical network coverage...

  • The Uber Era: using innovative cloud solutions to avoid disruption

    The advent of the ‘Uber era’ has traditional businesses running scared. While business disruption isn’t new, the world is now seeing a perfect storm of accelerated technology innovation and rapidly changing consumer expectations that’s bringing unprecedented disruption and threatening established players across all markets. Very often one finds that the fear of the unknown or a reliance on ‘the way it has always been done’ are factors preventing organisations from challenging the status quo. This outdated thinking is dangerous in business today, where virtually overnight, organisations find themselves competing against newly formed, extremely agile competitors with the means to provide the...

  • Facebook is making ‘Facebook at Work’ for business

    Facebook is perhaps the greatest way to while away your time at work, and now Facebook is looking to capitalise on this by making "Facebook at Work" so you can do exactly that: Facebook at work. A new separate network for businesses would bring Facebook into direct competition with business-targeted social network LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft and IBM, which all offer enterprise tools. According to the Financial Times, Facebook is working on extending its network beyond the social realm and into the professional world. Read more: Why Facebook wants to hack your phone and how to avoid it Facebook at Work will be...

  • Which type of network suits your business?

    Prosumer is one of those horrible words. But it does encapsulate an ethos sweeping through online business today (particularly media), where the audience/readers/viewers/consumers are no longer treated in a passive way but actively brought more into the business or publishing processes. It's also known as crowd sourcing. To understand exactly what this means, here's a great framework for understanding it. The clever people at the Harvard Business School (HBS) have defined four types...