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All posts tagged "user generated content"

  • 3 top tips on optimizing your campaign for social search

    Quite a while ago, Facebook made some changes to its interface by integrating "Graph Search" and implementing a new timeline format. Graph Search is their answer to Google's local search, but does it really compete with them? Social media is not a nice to have anymore, but a must have, and so many brands have already integrated this medium into their traditional marketing activities. Community management is a solid foundation of any social media marketing campaign, but how can you use "social search" so that interested people can find you on the social web through other means than just going...

  • User-generated content: How customers form opinions

    Anyone who regularly shops online knows how influential customer reviews of products have become. This form of user-generated content (UGC) shows up on the e-commerce sites of internet giants such as Amazon as well as up-and-coming web entrepreneurs across the globe. And there's good reason why businesses have encouraged the growth of customer reviews. These little nuggets of opinion do more than company-produced content to help people make up their minds about products. Consider these statistics from a recent MarketingSherpa case study: Customer reviews resulted in a 125% higher conversion rate Visitors who read customer reviews spent 157% longer on the...

  • User-generated content: Myths and lessons learnt

    Demotix is a London-based, award-winning "citizen journalism" website and photo agency. The site has around 15 000 members in 190 countries who contribute content on a daily basis. More than 200 media outlets around the world receive their daily feed. One of the founders, Turi Munthe, writes for Memeburn about how the site approaches, manages and makes a business out of user generated content: Most people are passive observers and readers, and most people don't like creating content. Creating content is difficult. There is nothing wrong with that, but that is the way the world works. People who do create...

  • How to approach content in the digital age

    The phrase "User Generated Content" (UGC) has always been a troubled notion. At its heart it emphasises a divide between the user and the professional, with the implication that users have their place, and the professionals have theirs. Perhaps the aversion to this phrase stems from the fact that it is so simplistic. It doesn't really capture the diversity of a site's readership or community. The simple fact is: Not all readers are...

  • Scoop: New "Web 2.0" recruitment site launches in South Africa

    Here's a scoop for ya. I've just been alerted to what looks like a new and pretty serious "Web 2.0" entrant in the South African web market. www.employmint.co.za, the site owner claims, is a web 2.0 recruitment site "packed full of all the Web 2.0 goodness you can think of including mashups with Microsoft Virtual Earth, user generated content, AJAX / Atlas interface and more...". The way it works is quite novel....