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All posts by Staff Reporter

  • Report: Naspers’ Showmax to take on Netflix with global expansion plans

    According to reports, South Africa's media and internet giant Naspers is set to expand its recently-released video-on-demand (VoD) offering, ShowMax, to reach more than 15 million customers outside of its home country. ShowMax launched in South Africa in August this year, with 400 movies and more than 750 series titles. The package costs consumers R99 per month. The launch was followed by Hong Kong's VoD offering OnTapTV the next month. Both services launched amid rumours that the US-based Netflix is set to launch in South Africa and a host of other emerging markets early 2016. They joined the market with altready established...

  • 5 essential productivity apps for your new iPhone 6S

    After waiting for a good while, you finally have your hands on a new iPhone 6S. While you probably bought it for its style, ease of use and photography prowess, it's also an office workhorse just waiting to help make that nine-to-five even shorter. In that case, perhaps your boss bought it for you, in that case we suggest that you give your boss a hug. Either way, chances are you're going to want to install some apps on it immediately, right? But what do you need? Read more on Gearburn.

  • The IoT Focus: how can SA make the most of the Internet of Things? [Video]

    About this content. When it comes to reporting on the Internet of Things, you'll often see publishers referring to the massive numbers surrounding this vast network of connected sensors embedded in everyday objects. They will, for instance, talk about the 5-billion or so connected objects which Gartner estimates are currently in existence. They'll probably also mention that number is set to grow to 25-billion by 2020 and that Mckinsey estimates that the IoT's impact could be worth as much as $11.1 trillion a year by 2025. But what real difference is the Internet of Things making to our lives right...

  • Multiple users report mass Twitter outage [update]

    Update: Twitter connectivity has been restored for us at least in South Africa, including Twitter.com and Tweetdeck. If you're still experiencing issues, drop us a comment below. One of the world's most popular web services has just gone offline. Based on posts on Facebook, Tumblr and Reddit, the site dropped off the grid just before 12:00 South African time. The last time Twitter's domain faced an outage was in September this year. The outage lasted for about an hour. In the same month, the world also experienced a mass Skype outage as well, which plunged much of the conference call world into...

  • 5 things we’ve learnt from reading other Fallout 4 reviews

    It's finally Fallout 4 day, and while South African journalists still haven't got their grubby little paws on a review copy, the rest of the waking world most assuredly have. The reviews have been flying in thick and fast, and while the hype train has definitely left the station months ago, it hasn't exactly run out of steam just yet. Generally, the consensus seems to be "Fallout 4 gets a thumbs up" with some poking their necks out suggesting that it's a must-buy, and others slating Bethesda for their crummy development efforts. Read more on Gearburn.

  • The Tech Behind #1: Principa, data analytics company, talks about its Rugby World Cup predictions

    The Tech Behind is a new podcast series that looks at the innovative ways in which tech is being used in our everyday lives on topical stories. This is the first episode of the The Tech Behind series and to kick it off Stuart Thomas talks to Rob and Johan from Principa, the data analytics company, about the its predictions during the Rugby World Cup. During the Rugby World Cup, Principa made use of data and information from what a team's recent performance was, bookie odds, each team’s current world rankings, previous number of tries to even the value of...

  • Fallout 4 preview: here’s where Bethesda’s latest title could win and lose

    Gaming's worst kept secret is nearly here. It's officially Fallout 4 month, and that means counting down the days until gamers everywhere will be enjoying that post-apocalyptic Boston landscape like they would a stroll through a local park. While the hype is steadily building and has been since June, Bethesda is trying all that it possibly can to mull leaks of the title before release. Admirable in thought but sloppy in execution, it seems that there's just no way to stop this train, or the Power Armor, smashing down your news feed this week. Read more on Gearburn.

  • UXSA conference promises ‘ all round view of user experiences’

    Attendees of the UXSA conference, set to take place between 24 and 26 November at Cape Town's V&A Waterfront, will get an "all round view of User Experiences, from finding out who your customers are and what they need to creating a unique and valuable end user experience for them". That's according to press release issued by the organisers, who say they hope to help shed new light on a conversation that dates back to the building of aeroplane dashboards during World War II. As Theo Sauls, founder of Evenir Pty Ltd (the company hosting the event) notes, UX...

  • Jacob Zuma as Darth Vader makes so much sense

    Look, Jacob Zuma doesn't cope well with large numbers, not when they appear in his speeches at any rate. Quite why his speech writers keep including them is a mystery, but comedians the length and breadth of South Africa are no doubt glad they do. After all it provides them with material for days. Just take a look at the video below, which imagines Zuma as Darth Vader struggling to get his mouth around a particularly large number. Possibly the best thing about it the way it acts as a reminder that while we may laugh at Zuma, he...

  • Suzelle DIY to rock next Online Tuesday SA event

    The creative talent behind one of South Africa's biggest internet personalities, Suzelle DIY, will be among the digital professionals sharing their insight into what makes for exceptional content at the next Online Tuesday South Africa event, on 10 November. Guests will also hear from Uno de Waal, owner and publisher of South Africa's largest online creative showcase, Between 10 and 5. De Waal has also been a recipient of the 2014 British Council Young Entrepreneur award, included in the Destiny Man Power of 40 and featured in GQ's Coolest Guys Under 35 list. Suzelle DIY, the brainchild of Julia Anastasopoulos and...

  • Where to buy the iPhone 6S in South Africa and what you’ll pay for it

    Apple’s phase two iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus launch is a go, after the company launched the device just over a month ago to major markets. South Africa and many of the other BRICS and emerging markets are getting their share of the Apple phone today, but where on earth can you buy one? Well, don’t fear, and don’t camp outside Apple stores with hope in your heart either, because we list all the outlets and prices of Apple‘s latest phones in and around South Africa for your convenience. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Weekly Round Up #39: Twitter job cuts, Hydrogen cars, Rage and Pepsi smartphone

    Welcome to Weekly Roundup, our podcast discussing the latest tech trends, innovation and news from the last few days. This week on BurnCast, Stuart Thomas sits on the host's chair, and joining him is Gearburn Editor Andy Walker, Staff Reporters Jacques Coetzee and Graham van de Made and Nick Thomson, our Sales Manager. The team discusses Twitter's 300 job cuts and Jack Dorsey's seemingly huge task of turning the Twitter ship around before it crushes and burns, wonders what is the future of Hydrogen fueled cars in a market like South Africa, takes a look at Rage and all its...

  • FNB Business Innovation Awards 2016 open for entries

    Entries for the FNB Business Innovation Awards for 2016 are now open. Supported by entrepreneur support organisation Endeavor South Africa and a second year running, the competition seeks to accelerate the country's successful and innovative businesses with the highest potential to grow onto the world stage. "The FNB Business Innovation Awards give these businesses a chance to unleash their full potential by demonstrating real innovation and changing the way an industry operates locally and/or internationally," said Mike Vacy-Lyle, the CEO of FNB Business, in a recent press release. "Endeavor’s extensive experience in working with high-impact businesses is perfectly complemented by FNB’s commitment...

  • Geeky TV shows, wearable, and tech trends: 5 Memeburn posts you loved this week

    Fans of the show Shameless will be familiar with its cold intro, berating viewers for missing the previous week's episode. We're not like that. Aside from the fact that it's a tactic that's a lot less likely to work for publishers than fictional characters on a TV show, we also totally understand that you might not be able to read us quite as often as you'd like. That's why we've assembled this handy list of the five most read articles on the site this week. Check it out: 5. 3 recent TV releases that tech lovers can totally geek...

  • IAB to take on SA copyright law

    IAB SA, the voluntary, non-profit association representing the interests of the South African digital industry, is taking on South African copyright law. According to a press release sent to Memeburn, the organisation has made written submissions to the Department of Trade and Industry on the draft Copyright Amendment Bill, which was published in July this year. The organisation claims that the current law, which dates back to 1978 stifles innovation and creativity. “The current Copyright Act which dates back to 1978 is fairly outdated, and it is widely acknowledged that a revision is necessary,” says Andrew Allison, Head of...