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All posts tagged "copyright"

  • The Pirate Bay out on open waters, sets course for Spain and Norway

    Sweden's Pirate Party, after continued pressure from a domestic anti-piracy group, has decided to discontinue its hosting of The Pirate Bay (TPB), the world's most popular file sharing website that has been making copyrighted material freely available since 2001. Being internationally infamous does not help TPB, with many countries not willing to (or dissuaded by international pressure) to host the site. While no one knows for sure the exact location of the pirates, according to TorrentFreak, it has been traced to Scandinavia, courtesy of the Swedish Pirate Party. This prompted Sweden's Rights Alliance, which represents the entertainment industry, to...

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab banned in Germany

    In what must seem like a case of sour grapes, Apple has won a landmark lawsuit to ban sales of the Samsung Galaxy tab in Germany. Following a series of lawsuits which stated that the Galaxy had copied the iPad and iPhone, Apple is now forcing Samsung to remove its product from retail stores and tradeshows. James Chung, spokesperson for Samsung said, "Samsung respects the court’s decision but Apple now severely limits consumer...

  • Myows: managing your copyright online

    Creative people are generally not well known for being legally switched on. But the challenges of protecting original work in the digital age means bloggers, freelance writers, photographers and web designers should all be prepared to interact with the law to protect their intellectual efforts -- and their businesses. Luckily, the concept of copyright is pretty straightforward: as soon as a work is created in a tangible form – be it on paper, film, online or in sound – it is eligible for copyright. It is automatic and, unlike patents or trademarks, official registration is not required. If, however, there is...

  • Three million works deleted in Baidu’s move to curb copyright suit

    Chinese search engine giant Baidu said Wednesday it had deleted nearly three million works from its online library in a three-day blitz aimed at ending a copyright dispute with writers. Company spokesman Kaiser Kuo said the firm had deleted "nearly 2.8-million potentially infringing items in total in the literary section." "It took us three solid days working round-the-clock. I'm told that what remains is all licenced, and that any additional uploads to that section...

  • Google gets fined for copyright breach

    A Paris court has found Google guilty of four counts of copyright breach and ordered the internet search giant to pay out hundreds of thousands of euros, according to court records seen on Tuesday. The appeal court action pitted Google France and Google Inc. on one side against film producers Mondovino, a photographer and some documentary makers. The complainants argued that their works were appearing online, via the Google search engine and sometimes directly...

  • The Fall of the 1000-year Copy Reich

    Is unintentional self parody an art form? Constantin Films, production company of an otherwise obscure movie entitled the 'Der Untergang' ('Downfall'), which spawned an internet meme, has certainly taken self parody to new heights (or is that depths?). The clip from the film which shows Hitler, exasperated by the inability of his generals to stem the advance of the Allied Forces throwing a spectacular tantrum, has been remixed so that subtitles have Hitler raving about anything from the difficulties of migrating from XP to Windows Vista, to having trouble getting tickets to Billy Elliot the musical. The clip isn't bad...