New launch: Easy web publishing via Synthasite

Well, well, well. The boys and girls from Incubeta — the PPC marketing company — have been busy. They’ve launched Synthasite. I’m a bit late on this, but hey I was down in Cape Town for the World Association of Papyrus and it kept me busy. Synthasite has already got some good reviews from a couple of major sites around the world, including Mashable and Read/Write web. (The Vinny marketing machine has clicked into gear). It’s great to see more innovation from this South African web company.

They say that “Synthasite is about revolutionising Web Publishing” and that Synthasite is a browser-based, AJAX website construction / mashup tool that allows you to assemble your website from any PC. No more are your applications and files stuck on the office PC. I can see the appeal, especially to those looking to do a simple website quickly and cheaply. I think they are going for the personal website market or small business website market. More complex sites with big budgets will still need to be handmade however. Not sure where their revenue model is: ie charging for the software or maybe finding a way to put Google ads on your site?

I think its nice. It appears they are in direct competition with Google Page Creator. Google’s offering is basic at the moment, and Synthasite seems to outstrip Google in features, but you can bet your bottom dollar there will be more from Google.

Synthasite looks like a winner. No wonder Shuttleworth invested millions in these guys.

Matthew Buckland: Publisher


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