Adolf Hitler wades into AWB, Malema controversy

It’s been a mad week for local politics and internet memes. The latest parody, created by journalist Gus Silber, is hilarious. Following the great tradition of sub-titling excerpts from the Nazi movie Downfall, Silber’s take sees a furious Adolf Hitler discovering that “the AWB have called off their machete race war”.

In the clip Adolf addresses other key subjects of national importance such as ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema and his favourite BBC journalist, and of course: the weekend Super 14 Blue Bulls game.

The original excerpt from the film is of Hitler launching into a furious tirade in his Berlin bunker upon finally realising that the war has been lost. The scene from the movie has become the staple of internet viral videos, spawning hundreds of parodies world-wide. It’s even become what is known as a “meta-meme”, because the meme itself is parodied in one of the videos. If you want more, The Telegraph lists what it considers to be 25 of the top parodies here.

In many ways Silber’s version is particularly apt because of the similarity between the Swastika and the red and black “777” symbol of the AWB. In fact, Hitler offers some constructive criticism of the AWB logo. Watch it and weep… with laughter.

Matthew Buckland: Publisher


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