#CapeShame bakkie found by e-tv reporter

The bakkie at the centre of the #CapeShame saga was discovered at 6PM on Monday evening by e-tv investigative reporter Lester Kiewitt, but Kiewitt reports that the driver of the bakkie was “not at home”. E-tv reporters are keeping the address to themselves in an effort to avoid emotional scenes of “vigilantism”.

The saga all began on Saturday afternoon in downtown Cape Town, when a group of (probably) drunken, (definitely) idiotic young guys sitting on the back of a bakkie summoned a Big Issue vendor over to their vehicle.

Florence Godonwana, a single mother of three, approached the vehicle with the expectation of making a sale of one of her Big Issue magazines. Instead, she had to suffer the indignity of being drenched in water, laughed at, and losing all her potential revenue as her copies of the Big Issue were soaking wet.

Luckily for Florence, Cape Argus news editor Natasha Joseph was travelling in a car behind the bakkie and snapped a photo, then uploaded the picture to Twitter with the hashtag, #capeshame. Another hashtag #supportflorence, also sprung up to support her.

Outraged members of the Twittersphere have taken up Florence’s cause and the search is on to find these vandals, especially following the news that charges of crimen injuria will be laid against these crass, privileged, obnoxious morons.

Can Twitter work as a detective agency, and track down the owners of the white bakkie, registration number CA 568 413?

Do any of you know how we can find these guys and hand them over to the authorities? Let us know.

We’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds.

UPDATE: Wow, this story is moving fast. Apparently Florence has decided not to press charges. Instead she “would like to give the youths the opportunity to follow their conscience, step forward and apologise for the humiliating incident”.

In order to apologise, they still have to be found, so keep tweeting.

02:30pm: According to latest statement, Big Issue knows driver’s name but waiting to see if he will come forward of his own accord.

04:15pm: ETV reporter @lesterkk tweets: We may have the address for the #CapeShame bakkie. May go out to confirm it tonight.



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