U2 brings the concert online via Facebook and Twitter

A U2 concert is said to be one the most spectacular and memorable entertainment events on the planet. For fans who want to relive the memories over and over, there is a whole new way to keep the memories alive, via Facebook.

The Irish supergroup that has consistently thrust itself to the edge of technological innovation with every new album, recently launched an innovative new social media project. This cutting edge project allows concert goers to tag themselves at the U2360 degrees concert via email, Twitter or Facebook.

The band has taken one of the essential component of social media, namely photo sharing/tagging, and maximised its reach. Instead of just tagging photos of you and your friends on Facebook, you can tag yourself in U2’s photo of the concert for the whole world to see.

This project has been achieved through a high-powered camera that allows individuals to zoom in to every single fan in the stadium. A giant panoramic image of the band’s latest concert in Johannesburg allows users to zoom into the crowd and see if they can spot themselves.

Once concert goers find themselves, they can then tag themselves or their friends via email, Twitter or Facebook to mark the occasion forever.

The images are taken with a Gigapixel camera that provides sufficient quality to zoom anywhere in the stadium and see yourself in perfect quality.

The ‘gigapixel fancam’ page on the Irish rock band’s site could not be easier to use. The process of tagging is very simple and intuitive. Just find where you and your friends were at the concert and tag away.

U2 is clearly trying to create an experience beyond the physical concert itself. For a society that spends so much time online, this is sure to be seen as a good thing. It also shows those who missed the concert what a great experience a U2 concert is.

The project is also providing the band with information to build a database on their site which should increase sales as well as drive more Facebook ‘Likes’ and follows on Twitter.



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