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Google Engage SA: An attendee’s perspective

Leave it Google to begin a product launch with “speed dating”. Ten minutes with someone from Google South Africa. Agencies and individuals had the opportunity to discuss ideas and strategies for their clients. This is how Google Engage SA kicked off.

Google Engage is a partner program which has been available in the USA, Canada, Middle East and UK for several years now and is aimed at online marketers, advertising agencies, designers and SEO experts.

Engage is designed by Google to help online and search engine marketing companies make the most of Google’s tools and services, and it has proven invaluable in helping agencies provide their clients with better service and higher returns.

With an acute knowledge of Adwords and other Google applications, all players in the online sphere can arm themselves with the tools they need to ensure their website is more search engine friendly.

By providing access to a wealth of shared knowledge and experience, Google Engage aims to improve the South African online marketing experience. For an agency to be eligible they must specialise in web related services with the aim of assisting clients in developing their online presence through design, marketing, SEO, ad campaign management, sponsored links, mobile, display network and marketing methods.

The launch was attended by 500 marketers, designers and SEO experts. With the head honchos of Google South Africa presenting, there was more online knowledge at the conference than you could shake a modem at. The thought of having Google assisting agencies in South Africa is a step in the right direction for South African commerce.

Proceedings kicked off with an introduction from Google South Africa’s country manager, Luke Mckend, sharing his insights into the world of online marketing.

This was perhaps the most pertinent lecture of the day for users and marketers and vividly illustrated the explosion of mobile marketing, both locally and globally. As Africa is leading the world in mobile usage it is essential for online marketers to seize this opportunity.

The lecture was accompanied by a demonstration of Google goggles and Google wallet — which was mind blowing.

Elizma Noite, Marketing Manger of Google SA, was extremely informative and left everyone certain that Google has big plans for agencies in South Africa — no matter their size or brand.

The event and the subsequent rolling out of Google Engage was useful for helping agencies connect with Google and clients, by providing knowledge and exhibiting a dedication to Adwords, Display network, and ethical SEO practices. It showed, once more. Google’s dedication to growing online marketing within the African market.

Google also recognised the importance of SEO and the significant part it plays in digital marketing.

Google feels this as an essential part of consumer experience on the internet. The occasional remark about SEO being dead seems ridiculous in the face of such enthusiasm. Google has really opened its doors to Africa in a huge way and search-marketing companies have loads to be excited about.

Image: Techsmart

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  • Haroun Kola

    The launch was fantastic and I also agree that having a big player in our country supporting agencies, and especially small entrepreneurs like me is a step in the right direction. I’ve got a problem with my application though, I signed up with on the US site, and now its not allowing me to get in and I can’t get any response from anyone at Google.

    A bit disappointing.

  • Thanks for sharing this info.

  • Very informative article you have got here. I love reading this kind of stuff. This is truly a great read for me. I hope to see more articles from you. 

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