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All posts by Shaune Jordaan

Shaune Jordaan
Shaune Jordaan is the CEO of Hoorah, a digital consultancy focused on digital media, people-based marketing, data, CRM, creative and technology.
  • The future of marketing is data-driven, creative, and (most importantly) people-based

    For most of its history, digital marketing has largely involved adapting traditional marketing methods to the digital space. Whether in the online, mobile, or social spaces, agencies have largely stuck to the same old methods of coming up with a piece of creative and broadcasting it to the widest audience possible. Thing is, there’s plenty of evidence that those methods no longer work, not in the sense that they’re supposed to: increasing sales of a product or use of a service.  All the metrics so beloved of digital advertisers -- views, clicks, engagement, time on site -- mean little if...

  • Big ideas need big data and big love

    It dawned on me two years ago that no digital idea can be truly great without participation. It also dawned on me that there is no real participation without the Big Idea. This set me on a mission to discover how to truly combine “creative” and “digital”. Most digital agencies classify themselves as digital, but sometimes, all this means is that they are creatively driven and passionate about social ideas. An idea floating around on its own needs a guiding hand to push it into the mainstream with a view to a real audience. The future of digital lies with...

  • SEO: Why people need to know exactly what you’re doing

    Reporting on SEO can be tough, but only if you don’t know what you are doing. Make sure that your SEO company is providing comparative reporting, or if you are an SEO company, make sure you're transparent. First you need to decide what proper reporting means to you. Is your focus purely brand exposure? Impressions? Or, is it lead generation? Or perhaps it’s a number of factors. For any SEO company to be successful it needs to ensure that clarity is evident in its reports. Factors that could influence your reporting negatively include seasonality, markets, and global changes, so make...

  • The World is changing thanks to online

    I recently embarked on an overland trip through Thailand and Cambodia. Asia is a truly fascinating place with similarities to Africa. I, perhaps rather naively, had a romantic vision of escaping from the madness of my everyday life and setting off into the remote wilderness of South East Asia and losing touch with the outside world. I was in for surprise. As of 2008, there were 16 100 000 internet users in Thailand. In Cambodia and in Thailand there are literally tens of thousands of places where internet is available for public use, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and...

  • Google Engage SA: An attendee’s perspective

    Leave it Google to begin a product launch with "speed dating". Ten minutes with someone from Google South Africa. Agencies and individuals had the opportunity to discuss ideas and strategies for their clients. This is how Google Engage SA kicked off. Google Engage is a partner program which has been available in the USA, Canada, Middle East and UK for several years now and is aimed at online marketers,...

  • Good content density can help your SEO strategy

    I recently embarked on an experiment with keyword density. We all know content is king but well written, properly optimised content is the main prize. There has to be a balance between consumer readability and search engine friendliness. Good content is essential for websites. Good content is read by both users and search engines. The trick is to make sure you please both user and search engine. I feel content density should be around two to seven percent, for a keyword, per page. This may, of course, vary from brand to brand. In all cases keyword stuffing must, however,...

  • Is it time to bury Flash for good?

    Flash is something which has wowed clients for some years now. It looks impressive on your developer’s desktop, and fantastic in client pitches. New clients are impressed with some agencies’ design capabilities because Flash sites look attractive. That is pretty much where pure 100% Flash websites belong, on power points, in pitches but not in real web designs. Look, of course Flash does have its uses. Some online gaming is driven with Flash, along campaign driven micro sites which have above the line viral concepts. Flash does work, but only in targeted strategies. Apple does not support Flash, most...

  • Google Places combined with SEO can help your business

    Until recently, having an organic website rank in Google results with mapping was an easy feat if you knew what you were doing. The market, however, has become flooded with spammers. Google has once again stepped in, cleaning up mapping with actual premises; phone activation codes that verify a business’s actual location. Enter, Google Places. The fact is, one can gain incredibly high rankings on Google by using Google Places (maps). Below is an example of maps that I personally built for two business clients. Here you can see that the first company ranks 3rd and the second company ranks...

  • There’s a little bit of Google in most of us

    Google has been all over the news since Larry Page took over as CEO, I realised that there is a little bit of Google in most of us. Since search entered our lives things have never been the same. From when Google was first incorporated as a privately held company on September 4, 1998, we would never have imagined how different things would be a decade later. According to Wikipedia "Google runs over one million servers in data centers around the world, and processes over one billion search requests and about twenty-four petabytes of user-generated data every day." We...