Microsoft chief, Steve Ballmer heralds the everlasting ‘Windows Era’

Microsoft chief, Steve Ballmer proclaimed an everlasting “Windows Era”, as the software giant’s current board swept to an easy victory at an annual meeting of shareholders.

Along with Ballmer, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, Bill Gates and several others secured their positions on the Microsoft board with an overwhelming 92% of votes cast by investors.

When questioned about the “post PC-era” heralded by Apple visionary Steve Jobs, Ballmer said, “We are in the Windows Era, We were, we are, and we always will be.” Ballmer’s remark was a deliberate jab at the notion that mobile devices such as tablets, and smartphones running Android and iOS would win the device battle over Windows-friendly laptops and desktop computers.

Ballmer spoke of Windows’ ability to evolve over the years to meet the need of the consumer: “One of the remarkable things about Windows over the years is that is has adapted. It will be a tablet machine; a reading machine, and a note-taking machine. We are going to have to push Windows into more form factors.”

Sales for the company’s Windows 7 operating system are positive, and the latest version of Office appears to have won over the hearts and minds of customers. On the flipside of the coin, Google and Apple have won consumer favour in the tablet and smartphone market.

When Ballmer was questioned about Microsoft’s operations in China, he said that the company will be careful to do no more than the law of the country requires. Microsoft became part of the Global Network Initiative as a way of standardising worldwide norms in relation to online privacy and human rights.

Ballmer explained Microsoft’s decision to join the initiative saying, “At every country in the world, I think you are looking at a suite of products and services that have enabled people to express views more widely than ever before.”

Microsoft’s latest project, the much-anticipated Windows 8 OS is currently in the testing and users can download the developer preview now to get a feel of Ballmer’s visionary new operating system.



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