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Brazil sues Twitter over traffic cop alerts

First Indonesia wanted to crack down people who were “rude” on Twitter, now Brazil is demanding the social network block users who tweet about speed traps and roadblocks.

According to the BBC, Brazilian authorities feel that such accounts are undermining their efforts to curb drunk-driving.

The South American nation has reportedly gone so far as to file a lawsuit against Twitter.

Should the terms of the suit be granted, Twitter would be required to pay 500 000 reals ($290 000) each day that it fails to comply with the request.

The social network has so far declined to comment on the case.

Chief Prosecutor Celmo Ricardo Teixeira da Silva said: “The prosecution responded to a necessity to ensure the effectiveness of action on surveillance of the federal highway police.”

The BBC reports that there are several accounts that warn road users about police action. Once account, operating under the handle @LeiSecaRJ is followed by more than 285 000 users.

Another, the news giant said, has already ended its service in light of the filing.

“We are suspending the updates until justice has ruled,” said @RadarBlitzGO, which has almost 12 000 followers.

Brazil has the second highest Twitter population after the US, with over 30-million of its users registered on the social network. Only 25% of its population, however, are active tweeters — two percent lower than the global average.

One more thing: roadblocks are understandable, but c’mon Brazil, our satellite navigation devices help us avoid speed traps. Are you going to sue Garmin and Tom Tom next?

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