Discover the streets of New York with Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2

After last year’s success, Magnum has returned with another pleasure hunt. This time instead of hopping about the internet Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2 takes you across the Globe. The high-paced, interactive game follows the same young woman as she runs through the world’s hot spots in a bid to seek out the “ultimate pleasure — new Magnum Infinity”.

Last year’s hunt across the internet reportedly attracted over than 7-million players worldwide who spent an average of five minutes in pursuit of chocolate bonbons, yep I can waste five minutes doing that. The fully interactive adventure has the main character run through the busy streets of New York while trying to avoid being hot by a cab, float over the romantic skyline of Paris and surf the waves of Rio de Janeiro within Bing Maps’ Streetside view interface.

The game’s heroine runs, somersaults and jumps past famous brands such as luxury Italian jeweller Bvlgari, on-trend surf manufacturer Quiksilver, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and the exclusive Hotel Fasano in Rio de Janeiro, in what Magnum hopes gives the game a sense of reality. From street lamps to road signs, each and every backdrop featured within the game was built to from 6 500 photographs and 3D recreation, giving the game an amazing life-like look and feel.

There are a few special tricks in the new version of the hunt. Play the game at — it’s five minutes worth wasting.



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