Nando’s delivers final word in ad battle with Santam

The advertising battle between Nando’s and Santam has been one of the more entertaining ones in recent history. And just when you thought it was over the fast food chain decided to deliver one final salvo.

After Nando’s ripped off an ad from the insurance company which illustrated how easy it was to miss the details, Santam fired back with a challenge: Nando’s was to drop off a very specific order of food at a children’s home.

As we reported in an update to the story yesterday Nando’s delivered a full 24 hours ahead of time.

The company has also committed to delivering food to the home on the last Friday of the month for the rest of the year.

“We responded to the challenge — and we responded fast, ahead of the time and day that had been specified. All that’s left to say is well-played all round,” said Nando’s South Africa marketing director Quinton Cronje.

The ad details all of this and takes one final dig at the insurance industry. Take note FNB and Standard Bank, you too Apple and Samsung: this is how to run an ad war that actually entertains people and generates good will to both companies.



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