The death of BlackBerry [Infographic]

When I read this infographic about the death decline of the once all-powerful BlackBerry, my first thought was “Ag, shame.” Ever wondered how it all went from QWERTY happiness to US$15 a share for the crowd over in Canada? Here is the sad story, all neatly packaged into this infographic along with a progressively balding BlackBerry fan.

Ok, so opinions vary on exactly how ‘dead’ BlackBerry really is. There are still a fair number of loyal users and other human beings who are hoping they may be able to pull themselves out of this mess, and bring out a phone (or three) that really competes with the latest device the fandroids and iSheep are carrying around.

But the stats aren’t helping. After months of declining sales figures in the US, BlackBerry lost more than 3% of market share of recent smartphone purchases in the last three months of 2011. That means that it’s not just the older models consumers aren’t interested in; it’s the latest releases too.

But in other parts of the world (like parts of Europe and some emerging markets) you can’t walk two steps without bumping into a BlackBerry user… but how long will that last?

Death of RIM
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