FHM model brags about bribing cop in tweet

Oh dear. Another FHM model, another ill-advised tweet. This time though it wasn’t anything racist, just a boast about bribing a cop.

According to watchdog organisation Corruption Watch, Sabina Essa tweeted about getting out of a speeding fine by bribing a Johannesburg Metro cop. In the tweet, which has subsequently been deleted, she said: “Just got out of a R2 500 fine for going 140 in a 60 zone. R30! Bwahahahaha. I LOVE JMPD.”

South African news site IOL reports that when another Twitter user asked the model whether or not she had offered the bribe, the model replied: “I didn’t offer, dumb-ass. They asked what I had. Of course, I’m gonna take the offer.”

Essa has since gone on the defensive, denying that the incident had ever taken place, and claiming that she had sent out the original tweet in a bid to attract attention to herself:

Fellow FHM model Jessica Leandra recently caused a storm on Twitter after sending out tweets in which she called a man in a supermarket a “kaffir” (one of the most disrespectful terms for black people in the South African lexicon) and a petrol attendant, an “African monkey”.

Tshidi Thamana, another model, reacted to the Leandra controversy by tweeting that all whites should be killed.



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