8 ways to promote your retail brand on Pinterest

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Ok so Pinterest is the next big social network, but how can the fashion and retail industry harness the power of this growing platform? I’ve already given you some general Pinterest tips in a previous article, but considering that you can create boards from any topic or trends imaginable, I thought I’d invite you to the inside track of how to use Pinterest for more specific areas.  Here are 8 simple steps to turn the unfamiliar territory of Pinterest into the back of your hand.

1.  Give your readers exclusive sneak peeks: if you’re working on a new product, design or color palette, why not allow your Pinterest followers a sneak peek before anyone else sees it? This is not only a great way to create hype before the product is launched, but it makes your followers feel rewarded for their loyalty.

2. Showcase all of your products and create individual category boards for them: By doing this, your customers can get a wide perspective on all of your products in visually appealing boards. Make sure that each item clicks through to your site where they can make a purchase or to an email/ enquiry form platform where they can ask for more information or place an order.

3. Share the limelight: Reward your followers by sharing the spotlight with them. Post pictures of your followers at the likes of fashion week, industry events or launches. They’ll not only love seeing themselves in the spotlight but are also likely to share it with their personal networks too. Consider branding your photos so that as they get shared, your brand is part of the conversation.

4. Back stage access: Whether an exclusive sneak peak of an important meeting or behind the scenes at a backstage runway show, post exclusive behind the scenes footage to give your followers a sense of VIP treatment and show them how the other half lives.

5. Highlight your content: Graphs, infographics and video content are great ways to get a lot of statistical or number-driven content across visually. Pinterest allows you to highlight specific images from your blog or website – just make sure you link back to the original site.

6. Inspire others: Being in creative fields like the design and fashion industries means that inspiration is part of your daily routine. Use quotes, photographs, text or just beautiful images, to inspire your followers.  Just be sure to always keep it relevant and hold true to your brand.

7. Create a trend board: Create boards showcasing different trends – locally and around the world. These could stretch from the hottest colors, new accessory trends, forecasts, celebs – the list is endless. Don’t just follow trends, set them.

8. Make others feel special: Give your followers an opportunity to upload and showcase pictures themselves with your product, in your store, at your event or just air their views on the brand. People love to be heard, so here’s a way to get off your soapbox and give them a go.



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