Samsung: the Galaxy SI could’ve been better… if it was more like the iPhone

chrome iphone

chrome iphone
A fair few skeletons have emerged from the latest trial between Samsung and Apple. One of the most rattling revelations to date shows that Samsung thought its Galaxy SI smartphone could’ve been better if it had been just a little bit more like the iPhone.

As part yesterday’s court proceedings, Apple produced a 2010 internal memo from Samsung comparing its then flagship smartphone with the Cupertino-based giant’s signature device.

When we say comparing, we really mean it too. The report, translated from Korean, runs to 132 pages compares every single element of the two phones.

As AllThingsD notes however, Apple will have to prove that Samsung’s subsequent efforts so succeeded in becoming more like the iPhone that they infringed on patents and specific design elements.

The company’s also called in a number of experts in a bid to prove that the evolution of Samsung’s devices saw them resemble the iPhone and iPad just a little too much for it to be coincidental.

For its part, Samsung will likely argue that the introduction of the iPhone pushed the whole industry toward capacative touch screens. The document, it will suggest, just shows how far behind the iPhone it was with the SI.

Samsung of course denies that it infringed on anything and is arguing that the functions in question aren’t worthy of being patented anyway.

Check out the full report for yourself. If nothing else, it provides some seriously interesting insight into the development of a smartphone.




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