Chrome Time Machine: see the history of the world’s favourite browser

Google just announced its Chrome Time Machine, a website which takes you through the dynamic changes and developments of Chrome from 2008 up until 2012. And the browser has definitely grown and improved over the years since it was born on 2 September 2008.

One of the biggest milestones was reached on 5 August 2009 when HTML5 capabilities were built into Chrome as default. This is why Chrome is the overall winner and the rest of the browsers do not even come close, where some still do not even support HTML5.

The day this unique internet browser was born, it simultaneously released the source code under the open source BSD license so everyone could contribute to the future of the development and it success known today. As you know, Google Chrome is many people’s favourite browser all over the world.

Google Chrome overtaking other browsers

Below are some stats based on tests ran on BrowerMark and Ringmark:

Then if we look at the usage stats worldwide using data from the past three months, we get the following results:

As you can see, it is clear that Chrome is in the lead worldwide compared to all the other browsers on the market. It is not just the speed of this browser, but the overall performance and user-friendly features that make it the winner. Security is also high up on the scale and make it one of the safest browsers to use on the internet.

It is really interesting to see how Firefox has dropped and Safari is almost completely removed from the map. It makes you think what makes Google different to the rest of the companies out there.

What is the key to its success? Maybe it is because its uses everyday people and their powerful search engine data to determine what people want and what is needed to improve people’s experience on the net and in their everyday life.

It is true most people still use Internet Explorer, especially in emerging market countries or in older generations. IE is installed by default on Windows OS versions. Many people are just not computer literate enough to know why it would be best to move over to Chrome.

Chrome gets faster: speed tests video:

The past 5 years have been great when we look back at how Chrome grew and developed. This will always stay my one and only browser. What browser do you use?



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