How to get your Google back on Windows 8


Google - credit Raúl Ochoa

Google has created a site for Windows 8 users called: “Get Your Google Back”. For those of you that are planning on buying Windows 8, this will be a definite app to install if you are a Google fan. It is not available from the Windows Store on your Metro home screen, so this is the only way for now to install the new Google apps.

The first thing I noticed after I installed Windows 8 RTM was that no apps from Google were available on Metro, which disappointed me a little. Luckily Google came to the rescue by building a new Google Search app and Chrome browser exclusively for Windows 8.

Some main Google Search App features:

  • Clean recognisable user interface
  • New voice search lets you naturally speak questions
  • Image search and image previews are built for swiping
  • Google Instant also implemented as always
  • The Google Doodles you enjoy will be on home page and show up on your Google tile on the Metro Home Screen

Some main Google Browser App features:

  • Chrome browser is the same as you know it, expect for some customisations to optimise for touch screens
  • Larger buttons
  • Ability to keep Chrome open next to your other favourite Windows 8 apps
  • Delivers a fast and secure web experience

I have to admit, it’s really interesting that Microsoft allowed Google to get onboard, as Bing is the default, dominant and only search engine featuring on the Metro home screen. I wonder if there was a price that Google had to pay?

The majority of the apps are all Windows/Bing related like Bing Maps, Bing News, Bing Travel, Bing Weather and even their cloud solution SkyDrive for online storage. It will be interesting to see what future apps Google might release for the Windows 8 home screen.

Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google News are just a few of the candidates that will spice up Metro even more and give people a bigger variety to choose from. There is nothing wrong with the leader in search to also have it’s rightful place on Windows 8.

How do you feel about Windows 8? Have you had some experience on it yet and what do you like or dislike about it? Please let us know in the comments below.

Image: Raúl Ochoa



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