5 social media resolutions for the new year

Social media

Social media

The whirring gears of change in social media only got louder and more overwhelming in 2012. Every time you went retro and reached for a paper novel or (heaven forbid) an actual newspaper, you were punished with a bewildering new set of circumstances and do’s and don’ts with regard to your social media landscape.

With the scars and successes of 2012 freshly behind us, let’s bravely look to the future with a set of social media resolutions for 2013.

1. Facebook is not like any ‘friend’ you’ve ever had before.

Remember that kid in Grade 5 who you did everything with before he went to a new school? And remember how you felt when you found out he had become a billionaire and was running the retirement fund that you grudgingly contribute to every month? That’s Facebook these days. Promoted posts, bizarre censorships, the corruption of Instagram, new paid-for messaging, a strange drop off in traffic… it’s all a bit alienating and odd and not at all what you had imagined when you were growing up together.

New year’s resolution: stick it out, but stop pouring your heart and soul in unconditionally.

2. It’s probably safe to abandon Google+.

For the last 12 months or so, it’s been at the back of your mind. Am I missing out, should I be checking in, what the hell is a hangout anyway? Well, 2013 is the year of giving yourself a break. There is broad agreement that the + is a wasteland, that anything that is happening there is probably happening better in other places anyway, and it’s unlikely to change.

New year’s resolution: ditch the +, guilt-free.

3. Cautiously optimistic about the new Myspace.

God, this one is definitely going to come back and bite me… But something tells me that the new Myspace might actually gain a bit of traction. It looks pretty exciting, got enough that’s new about it and enough familiar and it seems to have chosen to focus heavily on music which is where it’s strength really lies. You may be right, I may be crazy. Just putting it out there.

New year’s resolution: check out the promo video and decide for yourself.

4. A deepening of our love affair with Twitter.

No complaints on this front… Smooth, subtle, better than ever, the Twitter train steams ahead in the new year and is destined to scale new heights.

New year’s resolution: spend less random time on Twitter and more quality time. Tweet less, gather more.

5. Gather your strength and prepare for more exclusive social networks.

While almost every business worth its salt has a social media presence, many feel that they are not harnessing all the power that they want. They’re not turning traffic into sales and it’s bothering them. The new year will see more companies building their own networks and having you opt in with great rewards and savings.

New year’s resolution: learn how to build your own social network.



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