Africa Gathering: the rise of makers and disruptive thinkers in Africa

Africa Gathering

Africa Gathering

Technology in Africa is on the rise and mobile is leading the charge. The disruptive tech and the makers on the continent are getting global attention.

People around the world are talking about the continent’s tech potential and development in a big way. One example of this is the Africa Gathering annual conference to be held in London in mid June.

The conference, organised last year in collaboration with the Indigo Trust Foundation and Google, aims to give people this year the opportunity to discuss some of Africa’s thinkers and disruptors as well as to showcase some of the great startup ideas led by women in tech that have emerged in recent times on the continent.

“Our themed series will focus on Women Entrepreneurship in Africa and Investment for Innovation in Africa, and the conference will seek to set the tone around these topics,” say the event organisers.

“We will demonstrate how African innovators, especially women, are moving fast and taking the lead in developing amazing local technological solutions. We also aim to demystify the relationship between investors and African entrepreneurs.”

The organisers also note that this year, the format of the conference will change from a one day event to a two-day event to better focus on discussing the issues and innovation that have come out of the continent.

According the organisers, the event will include discussions with panels of experts and thinkers as well as “educational presentations, which aim to develop and build relationships”.

“By highlighting grassroots, emerging technologies, and solutions that are relevant to Africa, we wish to offer a new perspective, and so encourage active involvement from Africa-focused businesses, investors, and funders,” they say.



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