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Want the truth about the cloud? We’re still just getting started

The Cloud is without a doubt the trending buzzword of this decade. While it will be an ongoing drive to teach and learn more about the potential that cloud technologies have in store for us, they have already started to integrate into almost every facet of our digital lives.

To date, business has been the key driving force behind the incredible growth we have seen with cloud services. But as companies explore new avenues to monetise or perhaps revolutionise cloud services, we are seeing some innovative uses for The Cloud emerge in the consumer market. We are also seeing incredible growth in the number of social media interactions between consumers, businesses and indeed the interaction between companies and consumers.

It does not take a genius to see where we are headed. Services such as Office365, LiveDrive, and Dropbox are showing us that there is a demand for cloud based consumer services, while social media it fast becoming a communication method of choice for millions of people around the world. We are also seeing the convergence of personal life with business life and the resulting impact to the workplace.

For social media and the cloud to become truly cohesive however, we’ll need technologies that can communicate cross-platform. Ironically, the trend we are seeing today is that social media platforms and cloud service providers are tightening the restrictions on their API’s and killing cross-platform operability. Does this mean that the open Internet is dying because these giant industry players are closing their systems to interoperability? I don’t think so. We are merely at the point where these industry leaders want to show their clout by forcing their technology standards onto the web hoping they’ll become the global standard.

Think of it as a growth path, our exploration of the digital realm is still in its infancy and there are many barriers still to cross. The big battleground for social networking, and in some instances for cloud services, will be the interface you choose to access these digital services. We should also start to see interoperability return to mainstream digital services in the coming years. Essentially, the underlying cloud services or social media platform you subscribe to will become transparent to the network you communicate with, be it business or consumer focused.

The jury is still out on whether our digital lives will consist of a stream of social interactions or if email will continue to dominate as method digital communication. Perhaps social media will fulfil the “chat” role or perhaps we’ll see a combination of both as the preferred method of communication. I tend to lean towards the latter.

Either way as we build new technologies to enhance what is capable with The Cloud, interoperability will become key. Not only between cloud services, but interoperability between social networks and the cloud services consumers want to use. In a nutshell, true cross-platform collaboration.

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  • Lashawn Suydam

    Ahhh man can’t wait

  • mike

    Writer has obviously never played this game…

  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the comment.

    For starters, our writers play each and every game extensively before forming their opinions and writing the final review.

    But clearly you’ve definitely played NBA 2K16, correct? What’s your opinion of it?

  • Controller shaking has always been a thing in 2k. Is in permanently to train you for when u play a friend.

    Ditto on a training mode.

  • Hi @disqus_OaSs0qCGT5:disqus. Thanks for reading.

    It’s not the controller that shakes, which would make sense, but rather the entire screen itself. It’s as if there’s an earthquake every time a character takes a penalty shot. If it’s an intended mechanic then it’s a very strange and disconcerting one at that.

  • Should be both. 2k has usually done one or the other. Again… I believe it’s done in my career to prep you for online or one on one matches with friends…
    Esp since there is absolutely no real training mode this year

  • I found it also shook when playing standard (non career games) against the AI.

    The lack of training is a very silly thing.

  • Extremely frustrating. I haven’t played 2k since 12.

    Things that help: turn on play vision in the options during games

  • Hi Graham the screen shaking happens when you’re taking a free shot at the basket, the shaking is built-in to create a pressure situation in-game, you can do this yourself with the shoulder buttons of the controller.

  • Mad 2k player

    2k16 sucks a$@ this year! Very disappointed

  • Rich

    Game is severely, SEVERELY flawed.

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