Mobile ad network BuzzCity moves into the online space



BuzzCity, the global mobile advertising network, is set to move into the online advertising space.

The move, the company says in a press release, is in response to demand from media buyers and advertisers, as well as a “growing consumer appetite for cross-device surfing”.

“BuzzCity has decided to take this strategic direction as a result of the close working relationships it has with its advertisers and media buyer/planning agencies,” it adds.

The Singapore-based company claims that new offering will have multiple benefits for this audience, including:

  • enabling online advertisers to easily migrate to mobile
  • making digital media planning and buying simpler — especially when buying across multiple countries/territories
  • being easier for advertisers to monitor and fine-tune their online performance

Explaining the decision further, BuzzCity says that the longevity of the desktop has been extended by the internet. It cites its own research, in which 27% of mobile users stated that they were planning to buy a laptop or PC in the next 12 months.

“In this multi-device world, user behaviour is now better understood and valued in the context of how, where and when consumers choose to use devices,” the company says.

Dr KF Lai, BuzzCity founder and CEO, comments “Cross-device surfing has now become the norm. The desktop and laptop remain and will continue to grow, alongside mobile, as part of the multi-device-
world in which we live and work.” Lai continues: “Our experience of handling fragmented mobile devices makes the inclusion of PCs/ laptops relatively straightforward and is a natural next step for BuzzCity. We are excited about this new comprehensive offering which will have real benefits for our advertisers.”

The company does however say that it will continue to operate a mobile-first approach as mobile continues to be the primary surfing device for consumers.

With this new strategy, BuzzCity claims that its desktop revenue will contribute an additional 20% growth to the business during 2014.



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