3 social media resolutions you need to keep in 2014

2013 to 2014

2013 to 2014

There are many, many, social media faux pas, so in light of a new year on the brink what will your social media new year’s resolutions be? If you haven’t decided, or even thought about it yet — here are the top three I highly recommend!

Resolutions #1: Stop hashtagging everything
Hashtags are great and I love them to bits but please, pretty pretty please, if you are going to use them, start using them correctly!

It seems that the use of hashtags has reached a point of desperation. Or self-destruction. According to MarketingLand.com, half the commercials that aired in the US during the 2013 Super Bowl contained a hashtag. It seems that the general perception is that if you like it you better ‘put a hashtag on it’.

Effective when used organically – they can add humor, sarcasm or a punch line to a 140-character message. They can also link users who are posting about the same event, and, in the right circumstances, they can demonstrate that a brand, business or individual has a grasp on the latest memes or trends.

However not all hashtags are used in the way in which they were intended. There have been many instances where hashtags are just been slapped on the most mundane and inappropriate words ‘#bread, ‘#neighborhood or ‘#jobs’ are the wrong use entirely. This is merely a case of using hashtags for the sake of using hashtags. Just don’t do it.

Resolution #2: Stop taking pictures of your feet
Ok I am guilty of this, but really, really it’s one I the things I am striving to change in 2014. Pictures of feet are really just weird. Pictures of your feet are one thing, but pictures of other people’s feet is another. #gross

And what do they achieve? Really? Proving to your social networks that yes you are at the beach (well done), the pool, on holiday, or that you are carefree and have rid yourself of shoes. Am I supposed to be jealous of where your feet are and ‘wish I was there’?

I am a lover of a good pedicure and they do make ones feet look all that more attractive, but do you really want to share that with the world?
Quite frankly too many pictures of bare feet would make me question an individual’s level of personal hygiene and whether or not I want to continue a friendship with them. It’s kinda gross. Stop it.

Resolution #3: Stop posting inappropriate status updates
This one really grates me. Your social media networks are not the space to announce your state of deep depression, undying love, bowel movements or random pictures of any type of object.

It’s also not the place to rant and rave about personal issues and subtly hint at people who are part of your network that they’re in the wrong. Making ‘profound’ statements with the intention to entice a reaction out of someone is really just poor taste.

You also need to remember what you say on Facebook doesn’t stay on Facebook. Be sensitive. Be smart. Think before you post!



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