It’s a blue world: Facebook’s empire grows in latest map of social networks

World Map of Social Networks December 2013

Facebook may or may not be dead to teenagers. If it is, it could certainly be an issue in the future but right now, the world’s largest social network is on top in all but a few countries.

The latest world map of social networks from Vinco shows that Facebook is dominant in 127 of the 137 countries analysed. That’s as many as it laid claim to when the last map was released in June 2013, but there has been a bit of shuffling.

According to the blog’s creator Vincenzo Consenza, Facebook lost Kyrgyzstan, but managed to take Syria from Maktoob over the past few months. When it comes to outliers meanwhile, it’s still pretty much the obvious candidates: Iran, China and Russia.

In Iran and China, Facebook is still blocked — something which is unlikely to change any time in the near future — so Cloob and QZone respectively remain dominant in those countries. In the case of the latter though, instant messaging apps such as QQ International (815.6-million monthly active users) and Weixin aka WeChat (271.9 million monthly active users), both owned by Tencent present increasingly serious threats.

In Russia and its surrounding territories meanwhile, V Kontakte and Odnoklassniki are still struggling to conquer the market.

One interesting caveat to the map is Consenza’s admission that it doesn’t really take into account the impact of Google+ “because it is part of Google domain traffic.”

The world map of social networks, updated twice a year, is collated using Alexa Rankings and Google Insights Data.



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