#Maythefourthbewithyou: 8 of the best posts about Star Wars Day

LEGO Star Wars Day

Trekkie? If you were anywhere near the internet yesterday, chances are you considered a move over to the dark side. The web was joyfully celebrating the unofficial Star Wars Day (May the fourth… may the force… get it?) and stocked up social media platforms from Instagram to Twitter with clever tributes to Skywalker and co.

Of course, some smart brands used the day to combine their product with a parody image or line from one of the movies, while general fans and even cast members saluted the space series. Here are some of our favourite posts:


The coffee house got clever with some foamy drinks and straws, playing with the famous moment in the series where Darth Vader confesses he is Luke Skywalker’s father.


The social media team over at NASA got creative with its Star Wars references, comparing planets and moons which feature in the series with real-life astronomical features. From Tatooine’s two suns to the droids robots on the International Space Station, it showed the similarities between George Lucas’ fantasy universe and the great expanse of space. For example, this moon really does look like the Death Star:

Walking Dead Problems

Star Wars and zombies collide in a tweet from this Walking Dead fan account:


The brand known for clever reaction tweets didn’t miss this auspicious date in pop culture, choosing to focus on Princess Leia and her iconic hairstyle this year.


The maker of minature Darth Vaders and tiny plastic space craft went with a simple Stormtrooper and a sandy Death Star for its tribute:


The guys behind the skate brand took to Vine to share the activities of a surprise guest in their office:

Mark Hamill

The actor who played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars movies also used the day to send out a thought or two about his return to the series:

Samuel L. Jackson

Yes, in case you were wondering, Master Windu still has his lightsaber.



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