2014 FIFA World Cup opening match: the Twitter numbers

Last night the World Cup kicked off with a match between the host country, Brazil, and Croatia. The match itself wasn’t anything special: Brazil scored all the goals (including one on their own goal), won the match, but failed to really bring the glory. The buzz it created on twitter, on the other hand, was incredible.

12.2 million tweets

twitter world cup 1

The match itself generated a massive 12.2 million tweets (that’s three times the number of people in Croatia) during game play. To put that number into perspective, only 2.2 million people tweeted about #Sochi2014 during the entire first five days of the winter olympics, and only 3 million people during the first five days of the #London2012 summer olympics.

Over 150 countries joined the conversation

Most of the planet joined in on the action, with tweets originating from over 150 countries. So yes, this is truly a World Cup. Football unites us all.


@NeymarJr was the most mentioned player in the match

twitter n

Well, duh. The Brazilian youngster was buzzing all over the twittersphere. Not to mention he gained over 165, 000. So readers take note, you can totally negate everything we’ve ever told you about making it on twitter, all you have to do is become an international soccer superstar.

Most Popular Tweets

The top tweets in the world came from brothers Wesley Stomberg and Keaton Stromberg. If you don’t know who that is, don’t worry, neither did I. According to the internet they are up and coming American pop stars hailing from the band Emblem3, and associated with acts like Selena Gomez. Yuk. They might also have some kind of link to Brazil, but Wiki seems to think they’ve only toured there and are from Washington.

Eden Hazard also got quite a bit of twitter action last night with this shout out to Brazilian midfielder, Oscar.

Eden Hazard
Well that’s it for now folks! We will be sure to keep you up to date on all of the latest and greatest World Cup twitter buzz.



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